Cellfina®: Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

According to the periodical Scientific American, about 90% of women (and 10% of men) have cellulite. So, it’s no surprise that our patients often ask us, “can you get rid of cellulite?” There are many treatment options and perhaps a few natural remedies to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but at Thaxton Plastic Surgery, our preferred cellulite reduction treatment is Cellfina®, which is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure.

What Is Cellulite?

Before we dive into Cellfina® and its effectiveness as a cellulite treatment, let’s talk a little bit about cellulite. For instance, is cellulite dangerous? Scientists don’t know precisely what causes cellulite, but they do know that it isn’t a dangerous condition. Cellulite can appear on individuals that are overweight, but often very fit people will develop cellulite, as well.

It is more common on women than men, and many women will notice the appearance of cellulite in the early teens, during the initial stages of puberty. Some women will develop cellulite during pregnancy or while nursing when estrogen levels are particularly high. However, some women won’t develop cellulite until they are older and their skin begins to lose some of its elasticity. It’s possible that genetics place a role, so if your mother has cellulite, you might develop cellulite as well.

Cellulite occurs when the fatty tissue under your skin begins to push through your septae. The septae are fibrous connective tissues or bands in between compartments or pockets of fat. These connective bands will pull down the skin and push up the fat cells, which is what causes that puckering or dimpled appearance.

What Is Cellfina®?

With Cellfina®, we basically stop these connective bands from pulling the skin. It’s as if the skin is being pulled down by a rubber band. Release the “rubber band” or the hold that the septae have on the skin, and it essentially pops back into place with a much smoother appearance.

Cellfina® is non-surgical and minimally-invasive. There is no cutting involved, but we do use tiny needles to release septae or fibrous bands below the skin. This helps the skin to bounce back into place. We begin by marking the cellulite dimples on your skin, then we apply a numbing solution to reduce your discomfort during the treatment.

Depending on the number of cellulite dimples being treated, the procedure typically takes at least one hour to complete and sometimes a bit more. Generally, patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure, most simply rest comfortably, listen to music or scroll through their phone. For most patients, the application of the numbing solution is the only discomfort that will be felt during the procedure.

After the procedure is complete, you are free to return to your regular schedule, but we usually recommend that patients take it easy for 24 hours. We also recommend that you limit exercise for several days after the procedure. Wearing compression clothing also may be recommended for a few weeks after your Cellfina treatment.

There can be some soreness and bruising after the procedure but this typically resolves in a matter of days. Bruising may last a bit longer, but most patients have shared that the discomfort was minimal and usually this mild pain only occurred if they touched or applied pressure to the affected areas.

As for the results, most patients will see some results within 3-7 days after the procedure and typically within just a few months, 85% of patients reported that they were happy with the procedure and after two years, 96% of patients were happy with the results, which are meant to last at least three years. If you are looking for a proven cellulite reduction treatment that lasts for a long period of time, Cellfina® can be your best option.

Is Cellfina® Right For You?

Currently, Cellfina® is FDA-approved only for treatment on the thighs and buttocks, so if you wanted to address cellulite issues on other areas, such as the knees or stomach, Cellfina® is not an option. In general, Cellfina® is a good option for most healthy adults that are very fit or within about 10 pounds of their ideal weight.

Other Options

In general, few treatments have been as successful in reducing cellulite as Cellfina®. Our patients sometimes ask if they can get rid of cellulite with exercise. Some exercises may reduce the appearance of cellulite, but while these cellulite reduction exercises definitely can help you become more fit, there really is no guarantee that they will reduce the amount of cellulite on your body.

Cellulite reduction massage also is often touted as a cure for cellulite, and while there has been some success with massage, studies have shown that the results do not last for a significant period of time. You might see improvement for a few weeks or months, but not for several years as you would with Cellfina® results. Topical creams also often are recommended as a cellulite treatment, but there is little medical evidence to suggest that any of these topical treatments are effective.

A healthy diet and a fit body are the best ways to naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite, but if you are already at your target weight and living a healthy lifestyle, give us a call and let’s talk about Cellfina®. In addition to Cellfina®, we have many other non-surgical treatments that can help you look and feel your best, such as CoolSculpting, ThermiTight, Botox, miraDry® and more.