Full Facials | Charleston WV

D id you know we offer facials in our Charleston WV Plastic Surgery Office? Yes! That’s right! You don’t have to want to get plastic surgery to come into our happy, clean, office & treat yourself & freshen up your skin. Our facials are medically supervised. What does this mean? It means that we offer some aggressive options for treating your face. Some of these options include a medical grade microdermabrasion & peels that require a doctor’s prescription. So that means that you are not only treating yourself to a luxurious facial, you are also maximizing the potential benefit for your skin. All treatments include a thorough cleansing, medical grade exfoliation, extractions if needed, appropriate mask, various serums, and moisturizers for anti-aging, detoxification and hydration. We tailor your facial to you. If you are concerned with signs of aging or skin dullness, we address that. If you have acne scars or large pores, we address that for you. We offer full facial treatments. We offer professional advice for what skin care products to use to best take care of your skin. Get lighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin today. Along with other services like IPL & Morpheus8 or chemical peels, our facials can really freshen up your skin. Our facials will make you feel great! Plenty of free & convenient parking at our discrete Capitol St. location.

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