Not Enough Lashes?

Great eyelashes don’t just happen overnight. That’s why it’s important to note that LATISSE ® solution works gradually and remarkably — with full results at week 16. As the treatment progresses, you’ll first begin to see changes in length. Then, gradually, you’ll notice more thickness and darkness in your lashes. If you’re satisfied with your results by week 8, don’t stop there. Stick with the treatment. After week 16, you’ll see the full effect of LATISSE® solution — and so will others.

Using Latisse to grow your eyelashes can be a real pick me up! Latisse combines nicely with our other treatments. Full lashes, along with other services like IPL & Morpheus8 or chemical peels, our microdermabrasion can really freshen up your face.

How Will It Work?

By week 16, the results showed that 78% of participants experienced a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence (including elements of length, fullness and darkness)

Tips for Success:

  • Follow the Rules
  • Don’t Play Catch Up
  • Have Patience

How Long Will It Last?

If you stop using LATISSE® at any time, your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

  • Week 4- may start to see length
  • Week 8- Most start to see fullness and darkness
  • Week 12- Enhanced results
  • Week 16- Full, dramatic results

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