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Botox Charleston WV

Botox Charleston WV! Botox, dermal fillers and lip fillers like Juvederm are non-surgical ways to freshen up your face! Most of our patients want to look and feel younger. They want to feel refreshed and less tired. Our patients do not want to look “fake,” or over done. So we aim to provide a look that suits you. And a look that makes you look less tired and more rested. We strive to create a natural beauty that fits you. That is why we say we aim for “you, only better!” And we mean it when we say this.

Come in for a full face assessment. During a full face assessment, first, we will take pictures of your face. Next, we review your pictures with you. Then, we recommend non-surgical (or surgical) treatments for your face. And we happily explain how botox and fillers can fit into your treatment plan. Botox and fillers can refresh and reset your look. You will usually spend a half hour or so in our office for a full face assessment. Then, a Botox treatment itself is quick. A typical Botox treatment only takes about ten minutes. Juvederm filler treatments take longer. We can use these products to make your face look better with and without makeup. We can smooth wrinkles and restore volume in just the right places. The maker of Botox & Juvederm fillers named us a top location in WV! Botox works by smoothing your facial muscles in just the right way. The Botox takes a few days to a week to kick in. Once it kicks in, it smooths the wrinkles in your face. You can see Botox explained simply here. See some of our before & afters on our social media: facebook We love helping our patients feel younger and fresher! Come see us for your very own quick convenient appointment. email call or text us at (304)925-8949