Breast Augmentation Gallery

Thinking about breast implant surgery? We know that embarking on any surgery journey can be scary. We try to offer resources to help with this. For instance, sometimes it helps to see other patients’ photos of their breast augmentation surgery journey. This seems to allay many patients’ fears. For this reason, we have collected some here. When you come in for your consult, we can show you many more. We are thankful to our patients who have been willing to share. If you are interested in breast surgery, here are some of our before-after pictures. These patients had breast augmentation with breast implants here in our fully accredited OR in Charleston, WV. If you wonder what you might look like with a certain size or shape of breast implant, we can direct you. You can go to our “breast aug 3D simulator” page. Once there, you can see how our 3D simulator works. Then you can request your own consult. Alternatively, we explain 3 easy steps for how to start your own 3D simulation. We are pleased to offer this service.

To see pictures of actual breast surgery patients, look no further. More of our photos appear on our social media– Facebook & Instagram. We try to update these media sites with new pictures. Thankfully, many of our patients are gracious enough to let us share their photos on social media and the web! Meanwhile, these are actual Thaxton Plastic Surgery patients …

Breast Augmentation Patient 1Breast Augmentation Patient 1 – Before

Breast Augmentation Patient 1 - AfterBreast Augmentation Patient 1 – After (390 cc Saline Implants)

Breast Augmentation Patient 3 - BeforeBreast Augmentation Patient 2 – Before

Breast Augmentation Patient 3 - After (533cc)Breast Augmentation Patient 2 – After (533cc)

Breast Augmentation Patient 4 - BeforeBreast Augmentation Patient 3 – Before

Breast Augmentation Patient 4 - After (339cc)Breast Augmentation Patient 3 – After (339cc)

Breast Augmentation Patient 5 - BeforeBreast Augmentation Patient 4 – Before

Breast Augmentation Patient 5 - After (339cc implant Left Breast, 397cc implant Right Breast)Breast Augmentation Patient 4 – After (339cc implant left breast, 397cc implant right breast)

Breast Augmentation Patient 6 - BeforeBreast Augmentation Patient 5 – Before

Breast Augmentation Patient 6 - After (250cc saline implants)Breast Augmentation Patient 5 – After (250cc saline implants)