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Breast aug 3D consult for implant sizing with Dr Thaxton

Breast Aug 3D WV can help ease your mind before surgery: Breast Augmentation can be scary. Deciding to have breast surgery is one thing. Deciding which breast implants to choose is another thing. How do you know what breast implant size to choose? How do you know which size will be best for you? Dr. Thaxton’s breast aug 3D WV can help. Dr. Thaxton can deliver a 3D image of recommended implant sizes. You can look at these images to help you decide which breast implant size is right for you. At Dr. Thaxton’s office, we know that anything that helps ease your mind before surgery can be helpful to you. You can come in & see us for your own personal consultation. Text (304)925-8949 or Call us or email! You can also start your own consultation from home today! Read on for 3 easy steps to your 3D breast augmentation consultation.

Have your photos taken
Our specialized team will take photos of your breast which will then be uploaded securely to the Crisalix system to generate your 3D model.

Visualize 3D
During the consultation, you will visualize the 3D and simulate the desired procedure with Dr. Thaxton. He will discuss what would be the most suitable option for you.

Access your breast aug 3D images remotely
After the consultation, Dr. Thaxton will give you access to the breast aug 3D WV simulations so that you can take your time deciding on the best option for you.

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