Cellfina® : Cellulite Treatment That Works So You Can Say Good Bye to Cellulite!

July 10, 2019 Charleston, West Virginia

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What Is Cellulite?

We all know what it looks like, it is those little dimples of fat that we find on our legs, butt and stomach area. Those of us who have them mainly wish that they weren’t there. Some people call it “cottage cheese skin.” The official name for it is cellulite. Cellulite is simply what occurs when fat deposits start to push through the layers of connective tissue under the skin. The connective tissue acts like a rubber band that pulls the skin down taut. This creates those pesky, lumpy looking dimples that we know all too well as “cellulite.”

Before Cellfina came along, the best advice for cellulite reduction involved eating a healthy diet and exercise. In some cases, these measures can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, drinking enough water also may help keep your skin strong and healthy and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Most of Dr. Thaxton’s patients describe their cellulite dimples as unwelcome and just plain yucky. Many of his patients are avid exercisers in fantastic physical shape, and they still can’t get rid of the problem. The good news is that cellulite is not a dangerous condition; it’s simply a cosmetic issue. Dr. Thaxton’s patients want to look and feel better—it’s why they’re here. So, he is glad to be able to offer a tried and true treatment for this pesky cellulite problem.

What Causes Cellulite?

No one actually understands why cellulite develops. In the past, people believed that weight gain was the culprit, but while gaining weight may cause some people to develop cellulite, plenty of fit people that follow comprehensive daily fitness programs also encounter this “cottage cheese” skin. People of every body type can and do develop cellulite.

The majority of people who encounter cellulite are women, in fact, 85% of women ages 25—60 have it.  What causes it? Well, it is likely that the aging process and hormonal changes are factors in the development of cellulite, although young, fit women may have cellulite as well. It’s also likely that genes may play a role. If your mom has cellulite, it could happen to you, as well.

Is There a Treatment for Cellulite?

Yes, there is now a great, FDA-cleared minimally invasive cellulite treatment available. With Cellfina ® , cellulite can be greatly reduced, and we can provide this service in our office. The doctor marks the patient’s dimples, and the patient approves these sites. (Patient approval at this stage is a pre-requisite for the “CYA Cellfina Guarantee” —discussed later.) The area is numbed with local anesthetic. There is no need to undergo general anesthesia for the procedure. The doctor uses the device with a technique called “subcision,” which involves releasing the bands under the skin. The Cellfina®  procedure typically takes an hour or two or three (depending on the extent of the individual patient’s cellulite), and that includes time for the anesthetic to kick in. The doctor’s procedure itself begins after local numbing has occurred.

Typical side effects from the procedure are soreness and bruising. But most of our patients agree that this was a small price to pay for getting rid of their cellulite. Patient satisfaction rates post-Celfina® are high. The procedure has over 90% patient satisfaction rate for years after the procedure. Dr. Thaxton has performed numerous Celfina ®  Procedures, and says of it, “Before Cellfina®  came along, I had a lot of patients who complained of cellulite, but there just wasn’t a great treatment option for them. I hated having to tell them that. Now, I am happy to be able to offer this to patients. My patients are thrilled with their results.”

How long does it last? It lasts indefinitely, although that is not to say that some people will not develop additional dimples in the future. Three years after treatment, 100 percent of Cellfina® ® Patients had noticeable improvement (based on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS)), and again, their satisfaction rates remain high.

Is Cellfina® Guaranteed?

Yes. Cell fina® is so sure you’ll see real, lasting results with a single Cellfina® ® Procedure that they back it up with a promise. If your cellulite dimples return within a year of treatment, it’s on Cellfina® to make it right. The company works with us to cover your re-treatment at no cost to you. That’s the Cellfina® ® Year long Assurance Guarantee (aka, “CYA”). So check it out! Treat your self! All you have to lose are those unwanted dimples.


How Much Does Cell fina ®  Cost?

The cost of cellultite treatment with Cellfinna ® varies depending on the extent of the particular patient’s cellulite.  Cell fina treatments in our office are based on “Tiers” or levels of the cellulite. The cost range in our office is from three thousand dollars to five thousand dollars.  And remember the high patient satisfaction rate and the fact that Cell fina guarantees the results will last.

In addition to Cellfina , we have several other non-surgical procedures you may want to consider such as ThermiSmooth, which also can result in a smoother figure.

One way to learn more about cellfina is to click here to see Dr. Thaxton talk about the Cellfina procedure and how it works.  Another way to  learn more about our Cellfina procedures and how to get rid of those annoying dimples, give us a call at (304) 925-8949. We can answer any questions you may have or book a cellfina consultation or even a Celfina cellulite treatment at your convenience.