Daxxify Vs. Botox: Which Option Is Best For You?

If you love Botox but want a facial treatment that lasts a bit longer, Daxxify is the latest option to consider. At Thaxton Plastic Surgery, we can provide you with Daxxify or Botox, but let’s take a look at these treatments to determine which option might be the best fit for your beauty goals.

What Is Daxxify? How Does It Differ From Botox?

Both Botox and Daxxify are FDA-approved injectable treatments, and both include a special protein known as a neuromodulator. With Botox, this neuromodulator is a botulinum toxin type known as onabotulinumtoxinA. The name of the botulinum toxin used with Daxxify is daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm.

Once we inject Daxxify (sometimes called Daxy, Daxi or Daxxi) into specific areas of the face, this substance will temporarily relax the muscles underneath the skin. This smooths out wrinkles and lines that are caused by repetitive facial expressions and the gradual loss of elastin and collagen in our skin that occurs as we age.

Botox works in a similar way, also blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. When these signals are blocked, the muscle won’t contract or tighten as much, and this helps to soften the wrinkles.

However, the main advantage of Daxxify is that the effects from the formula in this product tend to last longer than Botox for most people. This means you can space out injections more than you would be able to with Botox.

During clinical trials, it was shown that Daxxify treatments last for about six to nine months. With Botox, you typically need repeat treatment every three or four months. Of course, it is important to note that every person is unique and for some, these treatments last longer than expected while others see results fade more quickly.

What Areas Can Daxxify Target?

We can use Daxxify (or Botox) to target areas of the face such as wrinkles and lines on the forehead as well as between your brows (frown lines) and around the eyes (crow’s feet).

We can use Botox or Daxxi for other areas of the face, such as the mouth. We use it carefully in this area to avoid a result that is an unnatural look that inhibits your ability to smile. For lines and wrinkles around your mouth or other areas where Daxxify may not be the best choice, we might use a dermal filler such as Juvéderm or perhaps an injectable such as SkinVive or a different type of non-invasive treatment such as Ellacor or Morpheus8.

Keep in mind, that we can provide you with multiple treatments at one time, targeting all of the areas where you wish to see smoother, more youthful skin. We often simply call this a “liquid facelift,” and it can be an excellent, non-invasive way to improve your look.

As with all beauty treatments, it’s important to have realistic expectations and to understand that these injectables and other treatments are meant to temporarily improve the look of your skin. For a more permanent solution, a surgical facelift is your best option, but even that won’t be 100% permanent, because the skin will continue to age.

With all of these treatments, whether surgical or non-invasive, the results often can be extended by taking excellent care of your skin and health. Using medical grade, quality moisturizer with SPF protection, staying hydrated, avoiding smoking and peak sun exposure and following a healthy diet and exercise routine can help you maintain results and just help you look and feel better in general.

What Are The Side Effects?

Many people worry about the idea of injecting “botulism” into their body, however, it’s important to keep in mind that we use only a tiny amount of this toxin, and it’s not enough to harm the body. Additionally, botulinum toxins are used for a variety of therapeutic uses such as alleviating chronic migraines, improving an overactive bladder, alleviating eye spasms, treating muscle spasticity and much more.

While Daxxify is generally safe and FDA-approved, there are a few common side effects and, as with most procedures, there’s always a slight health risk for some individuals. The most frequent side effects tend to be mild pain, swelling, bruising or redness at the injection site. Some people report a headache after the treatment, but all of these typically resolve quickly. With both Daxxify and Botox, you can return to your normal routine right after treatment.

Serious life-threatening allergic reactions are very rare, but if you notice that you have any double vision, problems swallowing, breathing or speaking in the hours to weeks after injection, this needs to be addressed immediately by a medical professional. If you’ve previously had Botox or any similar botulinum toxin-based product and had any severe reaction, Daxxify is not recommended. Again, these are very rare complications, but they must be treated immediately.

We also don’t recommend using Daxxify or Botox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and it is essential that you tell us about all of your medical conditions as well as any prescription medicine or supplements that you take. If you have used Botox, Daxxi or a similar product in the last three to six months, we also need to know this information. For those with pre-existing conditions, such as muscle or nerve disorders, these injections might not be a good fit.

In general, our best advice is to be sure to have the procedure done at a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office. This ensures safety but also ensures better and more natural results. Additionally, there have been instances when non-medical facilities use expired products, which is unsafe and can lead to poor results.

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