Navigating Breast Aug Surgery With A 3D Implant Simulator

If you’ve longed for fuller or more even breasts but are concerned about the final results of breast augmentation surgery, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our 3D implant simulator. We use 3D imaging to help our patients truly visualize the results of breast aug surgery.

What Is 3D Breast Implant Imaging?

3D imaging or 3D morphing provides us with an easy way to provide patients with a fairly clear picture of what their breasts will look like after surgery. We know that it can be difficult to select an implant size, so this breast implant simulator tool can be hugely beneficial.

While 3D imaging is an excellent tool, we do consider a variety of factors when selecting an implant size, including:

  1. Body Type

Your unique body proportions are a factor, and we consider your height, weight and body frame. After all, the same implant size will look quite different on a petite person versus a taller, broader person.

  1. Current Breast Size

The size and shape of your existing breasts can play a significant role in determining implant size. The amount of existing breast tissue can affect how an implant will look and fit in your body.

  1. Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, particularly one involving a lot of upper body movement or high-impact sports, you might want to consider a smaller implant size that doesn’t interfere with your activities.

  1. Desired Outcome

Do you want a subtle, natural-looking enhancement or a more dramatic change? Your personal preference plays a significant role in this decision.

  1. Skin Quality & Elasticity

The quality of your skin, including its elasticity, can affect how it will accommodate the implant and recover after surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery: What To Expect

There are several types of breast surgery, including breast reduction surgery and breast reconstruction surgery. Breast aug typically refers to cosmetic surgery that is performed to increase the size of the breasts. In some cases, we also provide you with a breast lift, as well as altering the shape of your breasts, especially if your breasts are uneven in size.

A breast aug is considered major surgery and you will be placed under general anesthesia during the breast augmentation procedure. However, this is typically an outpatient procedure, and most patients will be able to go home just a few hours after the surgery is complete. We also can combine this surgical procedure with a tummy tuck, which is sometimes called Mommy Makeover surgery.

The surgery takes about two hours on average, but you will need to arrive several hours early for surgery prep and be prepared to stay for a few hours after the procedure so that we can monitor your post-surgery recovery. Your surgery may include the placement of drainage tubes, which will need to stay in place for a day or two following surgery.

Because this is a significant surgery, the recovery time is considerable and breast pain can be significant at first. Typically, the greatest level of discomfort will be felt during the first 48 hours after the procedure, and pain medication may be prescribed to help you with pain management during the first days after surgery.

Typically, most patients experience some level of discomfort during the first week after surgery, and you will need to take it easy for at least a week before returning to normal activities. However, you will want to avoid lifting your arms over your head and lifting heavy objects for several weeks. Exercise, other than light walking, generally is not recommended until four to six weeks after the procedure.

Breast implants also have a lifespan of about 20 years and sometimes more, but sometime down the road, you will need to have your implants replaced. In some cases, a patient might opt to not replace the implants and have a breast lift done instead. Some patients will replace the implants and also might have a lift done, but every patient’s inclinations are unique, and we do our best to accommodate your surgical goals.

Types Of Breast Implants

In general, you can opt either for saline implants or silicone implants, and each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that complications with either type of implant are very rare, and both have been approved for many years by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Let’s take a quick look at each option.

Saline Implants


  1. Saline implants can be filled after being inserted, so they require smaller incisions than pre-filled silicone implants. This can result in less scarring.
  2. If a saline implant ruptures, the body can safely absorb the saline solution. The rupture will also be immediately noticeable, as the implant will deflate.
  3. They are usually less expensive than silicone implants.


  1. Saline implants might not feel as natural as silicone ones, particularly in women with less natural breast tissue. They may also be more prone to rippling.
  2. They tend to have a higher rate of downward displacement due to their weight.

Silicone Implants


  1. Silicone implants generally feel more like natural breast tissue compared to saline implants, which can enhance the aesthetic outcome.
  2. They are less prone to rippling, making them a good choice for thin women or those with little natural breast tissue.


  1. If a silicone implant ruptures, it may not be immediately noticeable. This is known as a “silent rupture”. The silicone can remain trapped in the scar tissue surrounding the implant (the capsule), but it could also migrate outside the capsule. Regular MRI or ultrasound imaging tests are recommended to detect ruptures.
  2. Silicone breast implants require larger incisions because they come pre-filled, which may result in more noticeable scarring.
  3. They are usually more expensive than saline implants.

Choosing between saline and silicone implants depends on various factors, including your body type, lifestyle, aesthetic goals, and personal preferences. Discussing these factors with your plastic surgeon will help you make the best decision for your individual needs.

While a breast aug is a major surgery, most patients find that the results and the boost in self-confidence are well worth the discomfort and inconvenience of recovering from surgery. With 3D morphing, we also can provide you with a fairly clear picture of how you’ll look, so if you are on the fence about the procedure, seeing the amazing results might convince you to take the plunge and opt for breast augmentation.

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