Boost Your Eyelash Growth With Latisse

If you are tired of false eyelashes and searching in vain for the perfect mascara to thicken your lashes, Latisse may be a great option to consider. This is a safe, FDA-approved treatment that has been shown to thicken, lengthen and darken eyelashes. Let’s take a quick look at this product and how it can help you achieve your beauty goals.

Latisse: A Brief Overview

Latisse, also known by its generic name bimatoprost, is a prescription-only eyelash growth serum. Originally developed to treat glaucoma, it was discovered that patients who used bimatoprost as an eye drop treatment experienced increased eyelash growth as a side effect. Today, Latisse is specifically formulated to be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes with a special applicator brush.

How Latisse Works

Our eyelash hair goes through a growth phase, a resting phase and then a shedding phase. Latisse prolongs this growth phase, and this allows eyelashes to grow longer and thicker and typically you also will see an increase in the amount of hair.

Latisse Results – What To Expect

Many users report noticeable results within four to six weeks of using Latisse eyelash-boosting serum, with full results generally seen in about 16 weeks. Once you achieve the desired results, you can reduce the frequency of application to maintain your new look. However, if you stop using Latisse entirely, your lashes will gradually return to their original state over several weeks.

Potential Drawbacks

As with any medication, Latisse may not be suitable for everyone and can have some side effects. Some users may experience itching or redness around the eyes. Less commonly, Latisse may cause eyelid skin darkening or brown pigmentation in the colored part of the eye, which can be permanent. Consult with a healthcare professional before starting Latisse to ensure it is appropriate for you and discuss any potential risks and important safety information.

Why Can Cause Thin Lashes?

There are several factors that may contribute to thinning eyelashes. These include:

  • The Aging Process

As we age, various changes in our body occur that affect hair growth. Decreased levels of hormones, like estrogen, can contribute to the thinning of hair, including eyelashes. The hair growth cycle slows down, and hair follicles can become miniaturized, leading to thinner and shorter lashes. In addition, as the body’s ability to absorb nutrients decreases with age, this can affect hair growth, including that of the eyelashes.

  • Our Genetics

The characteristics of our hair, such as its texture, color, and thickness, are largely determined by our genes. If your parents or grandparents have thin eyelashes, there is a higher chance that you may inherit the same trait. Genetic factors also play a role in the natural length and curl of your eyelashes. While you can’t change your genetic makeup, you can explore options like Latisse or lash extensions to enhance the appearance of your lashes.

  • Nutritional Issues

Proper nutrition is essential for healthy hair growth, including eyelashes. Protein, iron, biotin, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids are some of the essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth. Diets that lack these essential nutrients can lead to weak, thin, and brittle hair. Adequate intake of vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and B vitamins is also important. Ensuring a balanced diet that provides these nutrients can help improve the health and appearance of your eyelashes.

  • Frequent Eye Rubbing

Excessive rubbing of the eyes can cause physical trauma to the eyelashes, making them more prone to breakage and fallout. Chronic eye rubbing can also damage the hair follicles, leading to reduced eyelash growth over time. If you find yourself frequently rubbing your eye area due to allergies or discomfort, consider seeking medical advice to address the underlying issue.

  • Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can lead to thinning eyelashes. For example, alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss on the scalp and, in some cases, the eyelashes. Hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones, can also cause hair loss, including eyelash thinning. Treating the underlying medical condition is crucial for improving the overall health of your lashes.

Latisse eyelash growth serum offers an effective way to enhance your eyelashes, boosting their length, thickness, and darkness. However, it’s essential to consider any potential side effects and consult with a healthcare professional before starting treatment. Remember that thinning eyelashes can be a natural part of the aging process or due to genetic factors, but addressing any underlying health or lifestyle issues can also help improve the overall health of your lashes.

How To Use Latisse

Using Latisse is quick and simple and we recommend applying it at night after you have completed your nightly facial regimen. Once you have cleaned your face thoroughly, removing any makeup, ensure that your hands are clean and then you can apply this product.

The Latisse kit includes single-use sterile applicators. Every night, you take one of these applicators and add one drop of lash growth serum to the applicator. Take the applicator and apply the serum carefully at the base of your upper eyelashes only,  avoiding your lower lash line.

After application, dispose of the applicator brush and use a new one for the other eye to minimize the risk of contamination. It is essential not to apply Latisse to the lower lash lines, as it can cause unwanted hair growth in areas where the solution spreads.

Consistent use is key to achieving and maintaining hair growth results, so be sure to apply Latisse every night as directed by your healthcare professional. Over time, you will notice longer, fuller, and darker lashes as a result of the treatment. Remember to consult a healthcare professional, such as a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon before starting Latisse and follow all of their recommendations for safe and effective use.

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