5 Facts About Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction

If you are tired of looking at the dimpled flesh on your thighs, it might be time to consider a cellulite reduction treatment. Cellfina® is an FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure that targets cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Here are some quick facts about Cellfina® to help you determine if this might be a good option for you.


But First, What Is Cellulite?

While cellulite can be unsightly, it’s important to understand that cellulite isn’t a dangerous condition. It’s a condition that mainly is found in women, especially after puberty, as we begin producing more fat cells, particularly in our thighs, buttocks and hips, but it is not harmful.


Our skin is a complicated organ, and it is attached to muscles by fibrous cords. In between the muscles and the skin, there are fat cells and when the fat cells replicate, they push up toward the skin and the fibrous cords keep pulling down toward the muscles, and this causes a dimpling effect.


In some cases, losing weight and toning the areas prone to cellulite can provide you with some cellulite reduction, but often even very fit people will have cellulite. There are also many creams on the market that claim to reduce cellulite, but these generally don’t produce long-lasting results. So, if you want to get reduce the appearance of cellulite, let’s learn some facts about Cellfina®.


  1. Cellfina® Is Non-Surgical & Safe

Cellfina® is what is classified as a “minimally invasive” procedure because while it is non-surgical, we do use needles to reach below the skin surface. This process also is known as subcision.


For a Cellfina® cellulite reduction treatment, a special patented device is used to target each dimple of cellulite. The tiny microblade or needle pierces the skin and cuts the fibrous band that connects the skin to the muscle thus allowing the fat cells a bit more “freedom” if you will. This smooths out the skin and reduces the appearance of the dimples.


  1. Cellfina® Is Not Painful & Requires Little Downtime

Before we begin using the Cellfina® device, we inject a numbing fluid into the skin. While the injection of numbing fluid can be very mildly uncomfortable for some, the rest of the procedure should be pain-free. Some patients do say they feel some pressure during the procedure, but no pain. Keep in mind the needles on the Cellfina® device are micro-needles, so tiny that they typically do not cause any discomfort.


While the procedure itself should not be painful, there may be some bruising and swelling in the treated areas, but much of this swelling clears up in about a week or two. Most patients report that any pain can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.


In general, you can return to your normal routine in about 24 to 48 hours after a Cellfina® procedure. Resting for a day or two can reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. We do, however, recommend that you avoid exercise for one or two weeks, and we also recommend that some patients wear compression garments to help reduce swelling. All patients are asked to avoid sun exposure for the first week after treatment.


  1. Cellfina® Doesn’t Work Immediately

One fact you need to know is that you won’t see immediate results with Cellfina®. There is typically some swelling for a couple of weeks, and once that swelling subsides, you should notice the cellulite reduction in the treated areas. In some cases, it can take three weeks or even a month to enjoy the full results of the treatment.


The good news is that while it can take time to notice the changes, they are long-lasting. Many patients still enjoy the results of Cellfina® two or even three years after the treatment. Continuing a healthy exercise regimen, staying hydrated, avoiding smoking and using a moisturizer with SPF coverage all can help prolong the results of Cellfina®. Keep in mind that gaining weight can cause the reappearance of cellulite.


  1. Not Everyone Is A Good Candidate For Cellfina®

If you are more than 10 pounds overweight, Cellfina® might not be a good fit for you. It’s best to first lose weight, tone those muscles and maintain that healthy weight for a long period before opting for Cellfina®. In fact, you might find that becoming fitter reduces the appearance of cellulite enough to where you are satisfied with your appearance. If the cellulite is still troublesome, then you can talk to us about undergoing a Cellfina® procedure.


Additionally, Cellfina® is not a good option for anyone with a compromised immune system, such as some people with diabetes. Smokers also should not undergo a Cellfina® procedure, as smoking severely impacts the body’s ability to heal.


Women who are pregnant also should not opt for Cellfina® treatment, and anyone using medication to prevent clotting or those with a disease that inhibits clotting are not good candidates. We also typically don’t recommend the procedure to anyone allergic to epinephrine or lidocaine.


  1. Cellfina® Is Not Your Only Option

At Thaxton Plastic Surgery, we offer Cellfina® for cellulite reduction as well as ThermiSmooth®. This latter procedure uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to boost collagen production. This can tighten up the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


ThermiSmooth® was designed to target areas of the body with sagging skin, but it also can reduce cellulite, so it is a procedure to consider, especially if you aren’t a good candidate for Cellfina®. ThermiSmooth® does require multiple treatments for full results, but it also can be used to target more areas of the body than Cellfina®, such as the abdomen.


Why Thaxton Plastic Surgery?

Only a board-certified plastic surgeon should provide you with Cellfina® treatments, and Dr. Thaxton is a top-rated Charleston plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. He also is one of only two practicing plastic surgeons in West Virginia elected to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Whether you opt for surgical or non-surgical services, Dr. Thaxton and his team will provide you with the highest quality care.


At Thaxton Plastic Surgery, we have a myriad of minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments to help you look and feel your best. Whether you are interested in Cellfina®, ThermiSmooth® or other types of treatments, such as Botox, dermaplaning, MiraDry® or SkinPen®, give us a call and let’s set up a consultation to discover which options are best for your needs.