Which Cellulite Treatment Is Right For You?

There’s probably never been a person who took a good look at the cellulite on their body and stated, “thank goodness, I have cellulite.” While it’s perfectly normal and certainly not a dangerous condition, many people simply dislike the look of cellulite and want to do something about it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce cellulite, including the cellulite treatment options of Cellfina® and ThermiSmooth®.

What Is Cellfina®?

Many people mistakenly believe that cellulite is just a type of fat, but this isn’t the case at all. Cellulite is caused when bands of connective tissue begin to pull at our skin and fatty tissue pushes through the bands, causing a dimpled effect. More than 80% of women will have some amount of cellulite, and it happens in women of all sizes, even women who are very physically fit.

With Cellfina®, we use a special device with a tiny blade to essentially cut the bands of connective tissue. This releases the pressure and smooths the skin. While we use a tiny blade, this is considered a minimally invasive procedure and not a surgical procedure. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area, so there should be little discomfort during the procedure.

Once we have addressed all of the cellulite dimples, your cellulite treatment is complete. Most people rest for a day or two and then return to their normal routine. There may be some bruising and swelling, but this typically subsides in just a few weeks at most. We recommend that you avoid showering for about 24 hours after the procedure and avoid taking a bath for about a week. You also should not shave the treated area until swelling or tenderness are gone.

It does take a few days to notice the results of Cellfina®, but this cellulite treatment should last for many years. More than 90% of patients report that they are satisfied with the results even three years after the procedure and many continue to enjoy results after five years or longer. Keep in mind, Cellfina® is an effective treatment for patients with dimpled cellulite. Some people have streaks or waves of cellulite and Cellfina® won’t be as effective with that type of cellulite.

What Is ThermiSmooth®?

ThermiSmooth® Body is a non-surgical procedure designed to stimulate collagen growth. Though primarily a treatment for sagging skin, many patients find that ThermiSmooth® also reduces the appearance of cellulite. ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive skin and cellulite treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to achieve results.

In order to achieve desired results, you will need to undergo about four treatments and sometimes more and these treatments are spaced about three weeks apart. Treatments take about an hour to complete depending on the area of the body being treated. It is important that patients understand that ThermiSmooth® does not provide instant results. It takes time for the collagen to work its magic, so to speak, and this can take some time, but the results do tend to last for several years if you maintain a consistent weight.

Results will last much longer if you do all you can to keep your skin healthy. For instance, use a daily moisturizer and avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Eat a varied healthy diet and stay hydrated. All of this can help your skin stay more youthful and elastic.

What About CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is often talked about in the same breath as cellulite treatments, but it was developed to reduce stubborn areas of fat. If you have stubborn areas of fat that simply won’t go away even with proper diet and exercise, CoolSculpting® can be a great option. You might see some cellulite reduction after a CoolSculpting® procedure, but if cellulite is the issue you want to eliminate, you are much better off opting for Cellfina® or ThermiSmooth®.

Other Options To Consider

While the Cellfina® and ThermiSmooth® cellulite treatments can be an excellent option to consider, other options may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise – Targeted exercises, that work the muscles where you have cellulite, can reduce the appearance of cellulite. We recommend a mix of toning exercises as well as some cardio and a healthy diet. Staying hydrated also can be a smart idea. All of this not only can reduce cellulite, but exercise and a healthy diet also can improve your immune system, lighten your mood and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Stop Smoking – Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs; it can affect the condition of your skin and cause it to sag. When your skin sags, cellulite is much more visible, so stopping smoking can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as reduce your risk for many serious conditions. We all associate smoking with cancer and heart disease but smoking also weakens your immune system. Smokers also tend to have severe dental issues, so if you stop smoking, your body will thank you and might even reward you with a little less noticeable cellulite.

Try Massage & Creams – There’s some evidence to suggest that a firm daily massage in areas where you have cellulite can help reduce the appearance of these bumps and lumps. Consider massaging the area and then apply a moisturizer. Sometimes a moisturizer works well, but you also can experiment with cellulite treatment creams, some of which contain caffeine or retinol which might help tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. These methods aren’t right for everyone, but some people have reported success with massage and creams.

Keep in mind, none of these options will eliminate cellulite, they can simply reduce the appearance of cellulite, which might be enough to make you feel better about your appearance. Procedures such as Cellfina® and ThermiSmooth® have much greater success reducing the appearance of cellulite than exercise, creams, and massage, but, of course, they come with a higher price tag.

If you are interested in a cellulite treatment such as Cellfina® or ThermiSmooth®, give our office a call at any time. In addition to these treatments, we offer a myriad of surgical, non-surgical, and spa treatments designed to help you feel and look your best.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]