ThermiTight: Enjoy Smoother, Tighter Skin Without Surgery

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and this can lead to sagging skin. So while you still feel 23 inside, the mirror might tell a different story. The good news is that with ThermiTight, we can tighten up that sagging skin and provide you with a more youthful look. ThermiTight is painless, non-surgical and usually requires just one treatment.

Why Does Skin Change Over Time?

Our skin includes both collagen and elastin, and these proteins support the structure of our skin. As we age, our body produces less and less of these proteins and the skin has a harder time maintaining that youthful structure.

Eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated and protecting your skin from the sun can help keep skin youthful for longer, but eventually the lack of collagen and elastin production will cause the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

How Does ThermiTight Work?

ThermiTight uses safe radiofrequency heat energy to smooth out and tighten the skin tissue. This heat stimulates collagen production and shrinks the connective tissues in the skin, which restores a tighter, more youthful look.

The procedure begins by applying local anesthesia to the targeted area or areas of the body. ThermiTight can be used to tighten skin on the face, neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs and knees. Once the target area is numb, we will penetrate just under the skin with a tiny tube called a cannula. This cannula, which is the size of a small needle, applies heat to the tissues and skin in the target area. Because we numb the area, there should be little to no discomfort during the procedure.

After the procedure, we wrap the area for a while to prevent swelling. After the procedure, you are ready to go home. While ThermiTight is minimally invasive, we do recommend that you have someone drive you home after this procedure.

Generally, the procedure should last just a few hours, and most people can resume their normal activities the following day, although it’s wise to avoid exercise or strenuous activities for several days. Most patients feel very little discomfort after the procedure. There may be some tenderness or swelling in the affected area, but this should resolve in about a week or two at most. There is little downtime.

You should see some improvement in the targeted areas immediately, but the majority of the results will become more apparent as the weeks go by and that collagen stimulation truly begins to take effect.

How Long Does ThermiTight Last?

Unlike many injection treatments, some of which tend to last just a few months, ThermiTight should yield results for about two years and perhaps longer. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and avoiding smoking can help you enjoy the results for a longer period of time.

For instance, there are some foods that have been shown to promote collagen growth. Fish, chicken, egg whites and bone broth are high in collagen, which may help to trigger collagen growth. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, also can be a good option, as well as berries, beans and leafy greens. A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates (such as chips, white bread, etc.) also can inhibit collage growth, so avoiding these foods may help keep your skin healthier and more youthful-looking.

Are There Other Options Besides ThermiTight?

ThermiTight can be an excellent option for many patients, but there are some other treatments that will smooth and tighten the skin. ThermiSmooth, for instance, also uses heat to achieve its results and can be used for the face as well as many other parts of the body.

With ThermiSmooth, we do not make the tiny incisions we make with ThermiTight. We simply apply a gel to the skin and then we use a special wand to distribute the heat waves over the skin. While ThermiSmooth requires no incisions and is a slightly faster procedure than ThermiTight, it can take several treatments to achieve the same results and the results typically do not last as long as with ThermiTight.

Of course, we also can provide you with surgical options that can improve the look of sagging skin in many areas of the body. Surgical procedures tend to produce very long-lasting results, but, of course, they require a much longer recovery time and not everyone is a candidate for these surgeries. For instance, if you have a suppressed immune system or you are a smoker, you probably aren’t a good candidate for surgery. Surgical procedures also are more expensive, which definitely can be a factor to consider.

With ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth, most people are good candidates, although we don’t recommend these procedures for anyone with a current skin infection or for women who are pregnant or nursing.

In general, limiting procedures during pregnancy is always a good idea. A woman’s body changes so much during pregnancy and nursing that it is a good idea to wait for several months after childbirth and after you cease breastfeeding to perform many cosmetic procedures.

Instead of considering cosmetic procedures, book a relaxing pregnancy or post-natal massage. Treat yourself to a pedicure and manicure. These can go a long way toward helping you feel your best during these special months.

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ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth definitely can provide you with tighter skin and a more youthful look. If you wish to learn more about ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth or other cosmetic procedures, give us a call at any time. We can book a consultation with Dr. Thaxton and discover which options are mostly likely to produce your desired results.