Juvederm: Facts About This Non-Invasive Dermal Filler

Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and if you are tired of the fine lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth, a Juvederm treatment can be a great option to consider, especially if you prefer a non-surgical option.

What Is Juvéderm®?

While surgical facelifts can provide excellent, long-term results, not every person wants a surgical procedure, and several non-invasive options can reduce signs of aging and provide you with a more youthful glow.

Dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm® are a popular option, and these non-invasive procedures often are known as a liquid facelift. With Juvéderm®, we inject hyaluronic acid into specific areas of the face to add volume. While you might hesitate at the idea of injecting “acid” into your face, our bodies already produce hyaluronic acid and this substance is found in many skincare products.

Hyaluronic acid helps our skin maintain hydration, and as we age, our body produces less of this acid as well as less collagen and elastin. These latter two skin components are proteins that also help keep the skin elastic and hydrated. Injecting hyaluronic acid into your skin can plump up and firm the skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Juvéderm® Procedure

With Juvéderm® or any type of liquid facelift procedure, we use small needles to inject the filler into your facial tissue. Depending on the area, we first apply a numbing cream to the treatment area to reduce discomfort. In general, most patients find Juvéderm® treatments to be only mildly uncomfortable.

It is important to note that the numbing cream we use contains lidocaine. If you are allergic to lidocaine, please be sure to let us know. Typically, we do not recommend Juvéderm® and some other dermal fillers for patients with lidocaine allergies.

While we often use Juvéderm® to lessen signs of aging around the nose and mouth, this product also can be used for lip augmentation. We also can provide you with fat transfer lip augmentation. While this approach provides longer-lasting results, it is more invasive than a simple injection into the lips.

Juvéderm® Side Effects

The application process for Juvéderm® and most other dermal fillers only takes about an hour, and typically you don’t need any downtime. However, we do recommend that you avoid exercise for the first 24 hours after the procedure as this can reduce bruising or swelling around the injection sites.

Bruising and swelling are the two most common side effects, and these typically resolve within a couple of days. We do recommend that you avoid smoking or consuming alcohol for a few days after treatment, as this also can slow the healing process. You also should not apply makeup and should avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

How Long Does Juvéderm® Last?

While results may vary, you can expect the results of a Juvéderm® treatment to last for about a year, although some patients find that it might last much longer. After you begin to notice the effects subsiding, you will need additional treatments. However, we find that patients often need a smaller amount of Juvéderm® to produce the same results as the initial treatment.

To prolong the effects of Juvéderm® or any type of liquid facelift, we highly recommend that you use a high-quality moisturizer and use a daytime moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF coverage.

Avoiding peak sunlight hours or using sunscreen and wearing a hat also can help improve the look of your skin. We also recommend staying hydrating, minimizing your alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking. Smoking not only causes cancer and heart disease, it also can cause your skin to age prematurely.

Other Liquid Facelift Options

There are actually several different types of Juvéderm®. For the mouth, nose and lip areas, we can use Juvéderm Ultra®, Juvéderm Ultra Plus® and Juvéderm Vollure®. Juvéderm Vollure® also can be used to soften circles under your eyes. Juvéderm Voluma® is a great option to consider if you want to plump up the cheek areas and restore a bit of youthful fullness.

Many patients ask us if Juvéderm® is as good as Botox®. While these are both dermal injections and both can be highly effective, they aren’t always used for the same purposes and areas of your face and Juvéderm® is meant to add volume (which can smooth out wrinkles but also gives your skin a more plump, youthful look.)

With Botox® or micro-Botox® (sometimes called baby Botox®) we typically target lines and wrinkles in the forehead and between your eyebrows, as well as targeting crow’s feet. We wouldn’t, for instance, use Botox® for lines around your mouth or as a lip filler as this would produce a stiff, unnatural result that you wouldn’t want. With all procedures, we want to provide you with a beautiful, natural result that simply lessens the effects of aging.

Medi-Spa Treatments

While Juvéderm® and Botox® can be excellent non-invasive options, we also offer an assortment of spa treatments that can improve the look of your skin. Whether you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots or acne scars or you want to even out your skin tone, we can provide you with treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and facials, depending on your needs and desired outcomes.

Traditional Facelifts

While a “liquid facelift” and facial treatments can improve your look, if you have moderate to severe wrinkles or drooping skin in the jawline or neck, face lift surgery is going to provide you with the best results. While this is major surgery, a facelift can boost your self-esteem and the results tend to last for many years.

Dr. Thaxton is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is one of only two plastic surgeons in West Virginia elected to membership in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Whether you are interested in facelift surgery or dermal fillers, Dr. Thaxton can provide you with a more youthful look while still maintaining a natural appearance.

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