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If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt that the person staring back at you doesn’t quite represent who you are, a Charleston plastic surgeon might be able to help.

Sometimes the face staring back at us isn’t as youthful as we feel inside. Sometimes we’d like to tighten up our body after pregnancy and childbirth. Other people would love to change the look of their nose or ears. For some, it might be nice to reduce the appearance of a scar or to remove excess skin after a significant weight loss.

At Thaxton Plastic Surgery, we can help with all of this and much more. We have many surgical and non-surgical options as well as medical spa treatments that can bring that inner beauty right to the surface. Here’s a quick look at the surgical services we can provide.

Our Surgical Services

Abdominoplasty With this surgical procedure, also known at a “tummy tuck,” we remove excess, sagging skin, tightening up that muscle wall.

Liposuction This surgery removes fat from various parts of the body. It might be ideal for someone with diet and exercise-resistant bulges as well as those with inherited contour issues.

Brachioplasty If you have excess or sagging skin under the arms, this type of surgery can remove this excess skin and give you a smoother, tighter look.

Thigh Lift While brachioplasty removes sagging skin from the arms, a thigh lift can remove loose skins from the upper thigh.

Buttock Augmentation – If you’ve been wanting that “Brazilian Butt Lift,” this surgery might be ideal for you. A type of liposuction, during this surgery, we transfer fat from other areas of the body and use it to shape and define the buttocks.

Breast Augmentation For this procedure, we can use breast implants to increase the size of your breasts. This surgery also is an option for women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss, as well as those with breast asymmetry.

Breast Lift As we age, breasts can begin to droop or sag because our skin loses some of its natural elasticity and a breast lift can help. This surgery also can be a good option after pregnancy or for someone with a significant weight loss.

Breast Reconstruction For women who have undergone a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can restore the breast contour, volume and symmetry.

Gynecomastia – For men with over-developed or enlarged breasts, this surgery can reduce the appearance of this condition with can be caused by heredity, obesity, hormonal changes and even the use of certain drugs.

Facelift With a facelift, we can tighten up sagging skin on the neck and under the chin as well as the loose skin around the mouth. During this procedure, we also restore volume to the cheeks for an all-over more youthful look.

Brow Lift This procedure can lift those drooping brows and brighten up your look. If you tend to look tired around the eyes, even when you have plenty of energy, a brow lift may help.

Blepharoplasty Along with a brow lift, this eyelid surgery can really liven up your look. With this procedure, known as an eyelid tuck, we remove excess and sagging skin from the upper lids or bulging of the lower lids.

Rhinoplasty If you feel unhappy with the shape of your nose, a plastic surgeon in Charleston can help by creating a more pleasing, harmonious appearance to the face.

Otoplasty If your ears protrude more than you would like or perhaps your ears are very large or even misshapen, otoplasty surgery can address these issues.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome This condition can cause weakness, numbness and pains in the fingers, hands and wrists, but we can provide you with a simple outpatient surgery to relieve this discomfort.

Trigger Finger Surgery If you have a finger stuck in a bent position that you basically have to push back into place, this is definitely something you will want to address and we can provide you with surgery to alleviate this issue with any fingers or your thumb.

Dupuytren’s Disease This disease often is misdiagnosed as trigger finger, but it’s actually a bit different. With this condition, a person cannot straighten certain fingers completely, even when applying some force, but we can provide you with surgery to alleviate this condition.

Cysts Cysts are quite common in many areas of the body, and we can remove ganglion and synovial cysts that often develop in the wrists and fingers.

Skin Cancer We can excise many different types of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell and melanoma. Early treatment ensures the best possible outcome, so if you see any spots or skin issues, contact us or your doctor to take a look as soon as possible.

Scar Revision Whether you have a scar from an injury or a previous surgery, we may be able to reduce the appearance of your scars. In many cases, there are non-surgical options that can be used, which is always a bonus.

Non-Surgical & Medispa Options

While this blog article deals primarily with our surgical procedures, we also offer many non-invasive, non-surgical services. This ranges from Botox to Coolsculpting to procedures such as dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. To learn more, take a look under the Non-Surgical Services and the Medispa/Products tabs on our homepage.

Meet Dr. Thaxton

Dr. Thaxton previously worked under some of the industry’s best plastic surgeons in New York City as well as Vail, Colorado. A Marshall grad, he headed back home to West Virginia to begin his own private practice where he treats patients with world-class techniques and a bedside manner that makes all his patients feel like family. Dr. Thaxton is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastics Surgery, Inc.

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For surgical services, as well as some non-surgical services, we can provide you with a free cosmetic consultation to ensure that we are providing you with the best possible cosmetic solution. To schedule a consult, contact us at (304) 925-8949 or fill out our quick contact form, which is located under the “Contact” tab on our homepage.