Why Do People Get Botox®?

Botox Is a Popular Procedure

The elite American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) * announced that Botox is the number one most commonly performed non- surgical cosmetic procedure for both men & women. Not only does Botox top that chart, it also continues to be on the rise in popularity. So, Botox is number one and climbing. According to the also prestigious group the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), ** the number of Botox injections performed in the U. S. has risen in the previous years. We at Thaxton Plastic Surgery are certainly seeing this trend in our office, as the number of Botox in Charleston WV that we perform goes up every year. We try to keep up with the demand by routinely hosting “Botox Express Days.” These are fun little marathon days where all we do is inject Botox one right after the other. These Botox Charleston WV Days are getting busier every time we host them.
So why is Botox so popular? Why do people even get Botox injections in the first place? We know from our own patients why— it is because getting Botox reduces their wrinkles & smooths their faces & they love it! Getting Botox injections in Charleston WV makes our patients feel happy and more confident. Well, it so happens that this is true across the board in plastic surgery.

Top Patient Reasons for Getting Botox According to Researchers

A study done by Northwestern University researchers and published in JAMA Dermatology showed that besides wanting to look more attractive, the reasons patients got Botox fell into one of these three categories: Emotional, Psychological, and Practical.

Nearly 70 % of the patients reported that they got Botox to feel happy or feel more confident. Happiness and confidence improves patients’ psychological well- being. Approximately 61 % of the patients got Botox to celebrate a special occasion— Wedding Botox or Holiday Botox or Botox as a Happy Birthday gift! That’s fun. Almost as many (59 % of the patients) got Botox for practical reasons— to look better and more professional at their job. People choose their clothing based on suitability for their jobs. Getting Botox for practical reasons or professional ones is along this same line. Finally, 53 % got Botox for health-related reasons. Botox provides some medical treatment for certain health conditions such as dystonia, pain, hyperhidrosis ( excessive sweating ), eye twitching & chronic migraine headaches.

Beauty Self- Esteem and Botox

We think these are great reasons to get Botox. And all of this contributes not just to physical beauty but to the all-important beauty self-esteem. Botox is one of the many services that we are honored to perform on our wonderful patients. We are glad to say that Botox injections make our patients feel better & more confident. That is what our profession is all about.
And no matter what any body’s reasons are for wanting Botox, we love the way it makes our patients look & feel. Improving patients’ beauty self- esteem, patients’ happiness, their confidence, & their well- being is one of the finest things we do.

National Botox Day in Charleston WV

The makers of Botox have declared a “National Botox Day” on November 20th, 2019! What is National Botox Day, anyway? This year, for the first time ever, the makers of Botox have declared November 20th a “Holiday” to celebrate Botox Cosmetic! That’s good news for your face and also for your wallet because they are offering special coupons for use on this day. They want to share the joy of Botox injections and spread the news of Botox and we don’t blame them! The Botox parent company (Allergan) vice president, Carrie Storm, says, “National Botox Cosmetic Day is meant to celebrate this iconic product that has become a part of American culture and educate consumers who want to learn more.” Allergan chose the date because the 20th of November is historically the most popular day for patients to receive Botox injections. This makes sense because Botox this time of year can really spruce up your face for the Holidays. And a great way to learn more about Botox is to call our office or just come on in for a Botox injection. Come alone or bring a friend and grab lunch or go shopping after. Or—come in on your own lunch break, because Botox injections are quick and convenient because it doesn’t take very long to get Botox. Plus, we don’t know of any other medical treatments that have their own holiday!

We are glad to part of this celebration of Botox in Charleston WV. We know people are curious about the popular injectable beauty treatment, and we are here to help! Call us, email us, or follow us on social media to keep track of some really great offers for savings on Botox in Charleston WV especially on November 20th! #wecanmakeyourfacesmooth We love making our patients’ faces smoother. Call us at (304) 925-8949 and our friendly staff can schedule your very own Botox appointment in our downtown Charleston WV office. We have plenty of free parking for our patients.

* Dr. Jeffrey Thaxton is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. He is one of only 2 current members in West Virginia.
** Dr. Jeffrey Thaxton is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
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